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We are located in the illustrious city of Varanasi, also known and referred to as Kashi, its ancient name. 
The ancient Indian texts known as the Vedas relay the story of Parvati who requests Shiva to Create Kashi (Varanasi) for their own enjoyment and for the benefit of the people as well. Their relationship is the essence of Yoga, which is Divine Union. It is all about Supreme Love, It is through love that Shiva is motivated and inspired to create the Holy atmosphere of Kashi. He wants to please Shakti (Parvati). Legend has it that this is why Varanasi exists and why it’s named “Shiva City”. This is also important for the Tantric Sadhana. 

At Prem Yoga Varanasi studio we offer group Yoga classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Private one on one Sessions can also be requested. We offer Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Kundalini practice. Our experienced yoga instructors will expertly guide students of all levels to reach their full potential in a safe and informed environment.

Whether you are in Varanasi for a short time or long time we can create an individual program for you to fully immerse yourself in learning, experiencing and practicing the various aspects of Yoga and the Healing Therapies. Allow yourself to feel the spiritual power and magical energy of Mother Ganga and Varanasi, You will leave feeling rejuvenated and more balanced.

Planning your next Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) and searching for the perfect inspirational setting? Then look no further! Our space is available to rent for TTC , spiritual retreats, workshops, meditation spaces, educational lectures, Kirtan and more !

We invite you to come and enjoy our facilities and magical space, we have the perfect venue to make it happen.

Contact us for further details and we will create the perfect custom package to satisfy your requirements . We can also assist with travel, accommodations and sightseeing as needed. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or scheduling requests .
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