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Sometimes river flows very strong, sometimes it flows very small, but it makes no difference to the ocean because it is satisfied in itself with its own quantity of water. Similarly, when our heart is cleansed with spirituality, we find pleasure and ecstasy with our own selves that is so sweet, so wonderful and so satisfying, that the so-called pleasures of this world no longer have any values, no appeal at all.

~Radhanath Swami

Our Mission

Our Global Community of yogis and yoginis offers you the most complete tools for wellness. We are a Community of Soul Seekers with an emphasis on personal growth and evolution of the Soul. We come from different backgrounds, spiritual practices and paths of life that have shaped us into who we are today. Just like the rivers, we conclude in the same Universal ocean. According to our capacities and tendencies we will explore our Self, creating harmony that keep us centered in high vibrations.

"Our Teachings Are Centered on Ways to Care for and Elevate the Mind, Body and Soul."

The Vision

Our vision is to know and connect with our inner potential, where we may find answers and thus, accomplish our life’s purpose. We have a Holistic and Universal approach; where we accept the daily challenges of life, taking action at superior levels of consciousness. We invite you to participate in this inner journey of awareness taking place at the Heart of the Holy City of Varanasi near the Ganges River. Come and free your self from burdens and limitations while harmonizing and respecting Mother Nature. We encourage you to leave judgment and competition at the door, and be prepared to rediscover your best version of self, that will fill up your life with happiness, gratitude and love.

Yoga is that which gives us the power to rise up to greater heights than we ever thought possible; unlocking human potentiality and reminding us of our innate divinity

- Yogini Gopika

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